Crookstoppers top tips on choosing a shed door lock.

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TOP TIPS to look out for before wasting your money on any type of shed door lock.

Crookstoppers shed door lock for single doors top open, bottom closed.

Q. Can the padlock be bolt cropped.
A. Crookstoppers shed locks have an anti bolt cropper plate fitted to prevent this.

Q. Can the brackets or fixings easily be pryed off.
A. Crookstoppers fixing screws come with over-sized washers to prevent this.

Q. Are any of the fixings visible and can they be unscrewed easily.
A. All of the fixings on the crookstopper shed door lock are securely covered once the lock is secured in the locked position.

Q. Does the lock secure the door to the shed and secure both sides of the door.
A. Crookstoppers shed door lock is secured to the door and secures the door at both sides.

How is the lock fitted to the door.

The fixings you use to secure the lock to the shed also affects the degree of security and should be chosen carefully. Items that are screwed to the shed can also, if access is available be unscrewed or pryed off. Bolts or machine screws with large over sized washers and nuts should be used as fixings at all locations.

Without a doubt this is probably the best shed door lock on the market. The lock is secured to the door and stays on the door. Crookstoppers shed door lock secures both sides of the door to the shed making unscrewing or prying off the hinges useless as opposed to a lock that just secures one side of the door. The locating brackets are made so that the first bolt actually goes through the shed doors framework, making it more secure.