Industrial unit security.

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Roller shutter doors are a prime source of access for thieves in and out of industrial units.

The thieves know that if they can open the roller shutter doors, this will help them immensely for several reasons. They can drive a vehicle right up to or even into the unit itself. The items they want to steal can then be loaded into their vehicle quickly, easily and be much larger than if access or entry was say through a window or the roof. Also if they are disturbed they can leave the unit quickly and easily.

The thieves know that if they ram raid the doors with a vehicle, there is a good chance of the door being forced out of one or both of the side rails as shown in the picture. This allows the corner of the door to be opened like a flap, the more of the door that is dislodged out of the side rail the easier and wider the corner of the door can be forced open. Thieves usually target one side of the door to force it out of the rail by improvising their ramming technique. They put industrial type bins, wheelie bins even large wheels in front of the doors, in one corner where the door meets the side rail, and drive into these at speed to force them into the doors. They even use large posts secured to their vehicles and use them as a battering ram, these methods locate all the force to one specific area of the door.

Doors damaged in this way allow easy entry into the unit, and although the damage is quite severe the door will still usually be able to be opened most of the way up in the normal way.

Crookstoppers anti ram raid roller shutter door security posts can greatly deter thieves in several ways.

Crookstoppers anti ram raid roller shutter door security post has several security features over any other roller shutter door products.

  • The post is very well made giving a very solid sturdy product offering a high visual deterrent.
  • The post prevents the door from being opened from inside the unit.
  • This sturdy post prevents the door from being ram raided.
  • The door is secured in the down position using its bottom T shaped rail making any attempt to force the door out of its side rail very difficult.
  • The unique anti bolt cropper plate prevents the padlock from simply being bolt cropped off.
  • Crookstoppers unique hasp, loop and hinge design are really heavy duty far superior to any other post on the market.

Why crookstopper recommend using several different forms of security to deter thieves.

  • Alarms after a while will deter thieves. If they know they can be in and out in a few minutes and long gone before the police turn up this may not deter them.
  • CCTV depending on the quality and what it captures will give a great insight to what has happened, how it has happened and may lead to recognition of the thieves. Discreet hidden cameras inside the premises may catch unexpected facial pictures and normal external cameras act as a great deterrent.
  • Security posts, bars and gates on roof lights, windows and doors all act as an inconvenience and depending on the quality and fitting take time to breach, time the thieves do not want to be spending.
  • Security lights are also another great deterrent as it may allow them to be spotted, motion detection type lights can attract attention when they switch on.