Outboard Engine Locks.


Crookstoppers outboard engine locks.
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Crookstopper Outboard Engine Lock.

Large locks for larger Horsepower (HP) engines over 30 HP, and small locks for engines up to 30HP. Please check the sizes below to make sure it will fit your engine.

Fully galvanised steel products so no issues with rusting chipping or flaking.

External dimensions of the lock are 30mm X30mm.
Internal dimensions of the lock are 26mm X 26mm.

For use with toggle type securing screws.

Large lock :-
Overall length is 280mm long.

Slot is 16mm wide X 255mm long.

Internal dimensions of the bar are 26mm X 26mm.

Small Lock :-
Overall length is 210mm long.

Slot is 12mm wide X 190mm long.

Hole diameter for the padlock is 10mm

Padlocks not supplied with this product.

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Outboard engine locks.

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