Double Door Shed Door Lock.


Crookstopper shed door lock for double doors up to 2 metres wide. Choose which size you require.
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Crookstopper Double Door Shed Door Lock.

This shed door lock comes in 4 different sizes. The size you will need up to is the total width of both doors combined.

example, if the width of both doors together comes to 142 centimetres wide, you will need to purchase the 1.5 metre wide lock.

Sizes are:- up to 1.25 metres, 1.5 metres, 1.75 metres and 2 metres wide. Choose the size you need at the checkout.

This Shed Door Lock is Unique to Crookstopper, and specially designed by us to secure your shed door in a matter of seconds.

TOP TIPS to look out for before WASTING your money on any shed lock.
1. Can bolt-croppers get at the padlock. Crookstoppers shed door locks have an anti bolt cropper plate fitted to prevent this.
2. Are the end brackets bolted into the panels that are only held on by 4 small nails that can easily be pryed off. Crookstopper shed locks are made to fit the size of your door, so the end brackets are partly secured through the door frame.
3. Are any of the fixing bolts or screws visible and are they able to be unbolted or unscrewed easily. The Crookstopper Shed and Garage Lock are the only items where all the fixings are covered when the shed is locked.

Without a doubt this is probably the best shed locking device on the market today.

Our customers are simply amazed by how simple it is to use and are staggered by the amount of security this product gives.

This item is made to measure, to fit each individual sheds doors. Once purchased we will contact you for the size of your door.

The Lock bolts to the door and all the bolts are hidden from view. The lock stays secured to the door at all times.

The Lock comes fully galvanised and is supplied with all the fixing screws, washers and nuts.

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Double door shed lock

Double doors up to 1.25 Metres Wide., Double doors up to 1.5 Metres Wide., Double doors up to 1.75 Metres Wide., Double doors up to 2 Metres Wide.