Security Anchors.

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Crookstopper security anchors, made to fit in any location and accommodate any size of chain.

Crookstoppers full range of security anchors.

Security anchors come in many different shapes and sizes. Crookstopper have developed several anchors that can fit in any location and to several different surfaces. Crookstoppers unique corner anchors have been specially designed to be secured to two different structures at the same time. Crookstoppers full range of security anchors are fully galvanised and will last a minimum of 25 years. Also you will not have any problems with rusting, flaking or chipping that are usually associated with powder coated or painted items.

Things you really need to consider when choosing a security anchor

  • Location, where is it going to be fitted. Floor level or up higher.
  • Access, you need it located where you can gain easy access to allow you to secure your bike easily. Avoid a location that makes it uncomfortable to you when using the anchor.
  • What is the anchor going to be secured to. Crookstoppers wide variety of anchors allow them to be fitted to walls, floors, sheds and fences.
  • How is it going to be secured to its location. Crookstoppers diverse range of security anchors come in several different fixing methods. These are concrete-in where the anchor is concreted into position, in a large hole in the ground. Wall or floor mounted, where the anchor is secured with heavy duty shield anchors and countersunk socket screws. Our unique shed or fence anchor, is bolted through the wooden panels in the shed or fence and secured in position with a retaining bar. All of the anchors which use the countersunk socket head screws, come with ball bearings that are hammered into the socket head to prevent them from being unbolted once fitted.
  • What size chain does the anchor need to accommodate. Choose as big an anchor as you need, bearing in mind that you may upgrade to a bigger chain if using a small link diameter chain at the present. Large chains are now 16mm, 19mm, 22mm and now even 25mm diameter in link sizes.
  • Look at the internal measurements of the anchor and also bear in mind the wall thickness or diameter of the anchor, will your chain go through it?