The Ultimate Removable Anti Ram-Raid Security Post

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Crookstopper have designed, what we believe is the most secure removable security post on the market.

Crookstoppers anti ram raid post collage.

A few pictures of crookstoppers new anti ram raid security post. This post is without doubt the most secure removable post on the market in the UK. Designed for industrial premises settings, customers are now also using this post at residential settings. Once fitted this post gives the customer the piece of mind that they know it will do the job it is designed for, that was the main reason they chose this post above any other.

Things you need to look for when choosing an anti ram-raid security post.

  • The size of the steel used for the construction. The dimensions and wall thickness of the post, both of these things are important as they give the post its strength.
  • The depth of the base and how far the post goes into this base.
  • How the flap is secured to the base are also very important. Is it a normal hinge or an exposed bolt that can easily be undone or breached rendering the post useless where it could be removed with a little bit of effort.
  • The size of the flap and its securing hoop, do they allow easy access for a bolt cropper to breach the padlock, or are they made of a thin gauged steel that could easily be hacksawed off in less than a few minutes.