Corner Security Anchors.


Crookstoppers corner security anchors.
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Crookstoppers Corner Security Anchors. For a full range of different types of anchors take a look at our other products.

The corner anchor is unique to crookstopper. This unique design allows it to be secured to two different structures at the same time.

It can be secured in any position horizontally where the wall meets the floor or vertically into the corner of two walls.

It comes complete with all the fixings. simply drill 4 holes and secure it in place.

Crookstoppers security anchors give you an option for every location and every size of security chain.

Available in Large (L), Extra Large (XL) and Extra Extra Large (XXL) and Extra Extra Extra Large (XXXL).

When purchasing a security anchor look at the wall thickness of the anchor, also make sure the internal dimensions are big enough for your chain to go through taking into consideration if you ever buy a larger chain in the future.

Internal dimensions for the chain are :-
(L) LARGE 50mm x 50mm square, 69mm corner to corner. —– Made from 60mm X 60mm X 4mm Wall section.

(XL) EXTRA LARGE 60mm x 60mm square, 78mm corner to corner. —– Made from 70mm X 70mm X 5mm Wall section.

(XXL) EXTRA EXTRA LARGE 70mm x 70mm square, 92mm corner to corner. —– Made from 80mm X 80mm X 5mm Wall section.

(XXXL) EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA LARGE 80mm x 80mm square, 108mm corner to corner. —– Made from 90mm X 90mm X 5mm Wall section.

This item comes fully galvanised, so you have no rusting chipping or flaking issues.

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