Crookstopper Kindling splitter.


Crookstopper kindling splitter.
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Not a security product, but a little something we designed here at crookstopper.

See a video of the kindling splitter in use By Clicking Here

You know the time you come to light the log burner, coal fire, fire-pit etc and you’ve run out of kindling. You have plenty of logs but no kindling. So you get out the axe hold the piece of wood in your fingers and aim the axe, hoping you don’t take a chunk out of your finger. Well the crookstopper kindling splitter is here to sort out all of your problems.

This unique design benefits from a having 3 blades giving you the ability to make a lot more kindling in a shorter time. The splitter is fully galvanised so there is no rusting chipping or flaking to worry about. The splitter will only rust slightly on the blades where you re-sharpen it with a file every now and again as it dulls.

It can be free standing or screwed down, maybe on to a log or table.

The blades are pointing in a slightly downward angle to locate and steady the piece you are splitting. You can also use the blades individually. The unique design also allows the splitter to have a supporting central bar in the middle of the splitter.

You can see a video of the log splitter in use on my crookstopper ultimate security products page on facebook.

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