Crookstopper T-Anchor.

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Crookstopper T-Anchor grinder resistant ground anchor.
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Crookstopper T-Anchor.

Crookstoppers latest security product specially designed to help combat the rising motorcycle and scooter theft that is currently occurring.

See a video of the T-Anchors design features By Clicking Here

Please Note the pictures are of a demonstration model, which allows part of the top to come away to show how the rotating tube is situated. This sealed void will have oil within it to keep it lubricated over the years.

Fully galvanised, so you have no rusting chipping or flaking issues, unlike painted or powdercoated products.
Angle grinder and hacksaw resistant. With a freely rotating 22mm x 3mm wall thickness, tube housed within the void, held in place with a 14mm high tensile steel bolt.
Can accommodate the large 22mm link size chains such as Almax, Pragmasis and Squire.
The chain is easily located and retrieved from the anchor due to the large 130mm x 90mm openings either side of the 80mm x 8mm thick steel top plate.
Unique design puts the secure housing that secures the chain nearer the surface allowing you to use more of your chain or use a shorter chain.
Unique first slope makes the T-Anchor shorter in length than it should be, which reduces the need for a larger hole to be made, but still accommodate the largest of chains.
Drainage tube.

Crookstoppers T-Anchor has been on the drawing board for some time. We wanted to offer a unique product that has several further benefits to what is already in the market place.

Crookstoppers Concrete-in Ground Anchors. For a full range of different types of anchors take a look at our other products.

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